Tim Huckabee, AIFSE is one of the most sought-after speakers in the floral industry. He has presented
to groups large and small across North America, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Tim's program, ExtraordinaryCustomerCare, is a fresh, dynamic presentation that forces the group to take a hard look
at how they are serving their customers. This is not just a lecture; there is audience participation from
sharing answers to written exercises and role-playing to making test calls (on speakerphone) to local
flower shops. Attendees leave with a sense of empowerment and optimism as well as materials that
they can start using in their stores the next day. 

For further information, rates and availability please see our Contact page.

Speaking engagements include conventions for:

NH State Florists' Assn
AZ State Florists' Assn
NM State Florists' Assn
Twin Cities Floral Assn
WI and upper MI Florists' Assn
Hudson Valley Florists' Assn
Spring Florist Event (UK)
Flowers06 (UK)
Koehler-Dramm Wholesale Florist
Bay State Wholesale Florist
The Midwest Group
OFA Short Course
Metz Florist’s Conference (Ireland)
WesTexas Florists' Assn

"Hi Tim,  Thanks for a very informative presentation! I received great feedback about it from the franchisees."
Renan Levy, COO, Kabloom

“I saw Tim Huckabee at SFE05 in Birmingham (UK) and because he was so good I wanted my girls to see him while he was in Ireland. He just makes it sound so easy and what’s more, his ideas really work!”
Renate Buckley, owner, April Flowers, Cork, Ireland

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